Yung is a revolutionary AI based psychotherapeutic service for your team
The beta is coming in May 2022.
Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression are at an all-time high.

of Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, but most of the people affected have great chances of improving their mental health . Psychological well-being impacts performance, team morale, and business results. Happy teams work better!
Yung offers personalized, scientifically proven solutions for each member of your team.
AI combined with human professional supervision prepares an individual self-work plan of daily exercises to improve poor mental state.
We are sure your team will love it, and soon you will see a boost in engagement and productivity as well as overall improvement of your teammates’ well-being. If not, we offer an unconditional
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money back guarantee during the first month
The beta is coming in May 2022.
money-back guarantee during the first month of usage.
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